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Hold a Public Discussion of MVP Evaluation

Gabriel Demombynes and Michael Clemens have proposed a low-cost way to add significant rigor to the Millennium Villages Project evaluation. A healthy debate ensued. The World Bank scheduled a public discussion between Clemens/Demombyne and senior MVP staff for October 27th. That public discussion was canceled for unknown reasons.

We believe that everyone, including the MVP, would benefit from a public discussion of how best to evaluate the impact of the project. 

This petition is not an endorsement of the Clemens/Demombynes position or the MVP position. We simply want to hear the viewpoints discussed publicly.

Therefore we are asking the Center for Global Development, the World Bank and the Millennium Villages Project to reschedule the discussion and make it accessible to the public.

For the full background see this post on Philanthropy Action.

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Timothy Ogden

Laura Starita

Dennis Whittle, Global Giving

Tom Murphy, A View From The Cave

Paul Hudnut, CSU, @BOPreneur

Jen Barthe

Saundra Schimmelpfennig, Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Chris Blattman,

Jane Reitsma

Matthew Stillman

April Harding

Paul Atherton, Institute for Education

Kate Vyborny, D. Phil Candidate, University of Oxford

Lucas Robinson, London, UK


Holden Karnofsky, GiveWell

Jess Lustbader

Laura Freschi, Development Research Institute

Mike Casey

Robert McIntyre

Ben Taylor, Executive Director, Daraja

Vivekananda Nemana, AidWatch

Jacob A. Geller, the Millennium Campus Network

Nicolas Arguello

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